12 Biggest TV Show Spin-Offs Ever — from "Breaking Bad" to "Buffy"

There was HUGE news for Breaking Bad fans this week. Many have been preparing for the end of the successful series, which is winding up its sixth and final season. But they won’t have to say goodbye to all of the characters — AMC announced that they will be doing a prequel spin-off called Better Call Saul, focusing on Bob Odenkirk’s lawyer character, Saul Goodman.

So this got us thinking: What are some of the other spin-offs of popular and beloved TV shows? We’ve collected a dozen of the biggest spin-offs in TV history. Which one is your favorite?

  • Cheers Spin-Off — Frasier 1 of 11

    One of the most successful spin-offs ever was Frasier starring Kelsey Grammer. In the show, Dr. Frasier Crane moves from Chicago to his hometown of Seattle, winning a slew of Emmys in the process. Cheers ran from 1982 to 1993 (for 11 years), while Frasier ran from 1993 to 2004 (for 9 years) — a long life for a spin-off.

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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spin-Off — Angel 2 of 11

    One of the highlights of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for many a young woman, was the hunky David Boreanaz in the role of Angel. And he had so much of a fan base that it warranted his own show. He even took some of the other Buffy characters with him, like Cordelia and Wesley. Both Buffy and Angel became cult favorites that stand the test of time.

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  • Happy Days Spin-Off — Laverne & Shirley 3 of 11
    happy days

    Laverne and Shirley were first introduced on the uber-hit Happy Days as pals of the Fonz. And what happens when you are BFFs with the coolest kid in town? You get your own show! Happy Days ran for ten years, while Laverne and Shirley lasted for seven, moving from Milwaukee to Hollywood. Both shows were incredibly popular and successful.

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  • Beverly Hills 90210 Spin-Off — Melrose Place 4 of 11

    Beverly Hills 90210 was huge, like really huge, and Aaron Spelling took advantage of that and created a second addictive nighttime soap, but this one was south of the Hills and with a slightly older cast. The introduction of Melrose Place happened when the teenage Kelly falls for the older Jake, who was the main character of the the new, more mature, spin-off.

    Photo Source: Amazon/90210- Available for $12.19 and Amazon/Melrose Place - Available for $12.28

  • All in the Family Spin-Offs — Maude and The Jeffersons 5 of 11

    All in the Family didn't give birth to one show, but two. Both The Jeffersons and Maude were spin-offs from the classic '70s sitcom.

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  • Friends Spin-Off — Joey 6 of 11

    You know what's surprising? That there weren't MORE spin-offs from Friends, one of the most successful and beloved sitcoms ever. But Matt LeBlanc's Joey was met with lukewarm reviews and only lasted two years.

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  • Sex and the City Spin-Off — The Carrie Diaries 7 of 11

    The Carrie Diaries, based on Carrie Bradshaw's younger days, does not have the same pop culture power as Sex and the City but that would be quite a feat since the HBO hit had a widespread effect culturally and its own major motion picture spin-offs.

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  • Diff’rent Strokes Spin-Off — The Facts of Life 8 of 11
    Facts og life

    Did you know that The Facts of Life was a spin-off of Diff'rent Strokes? The bond between the two was Mrs. Garrett, who was the housekeeper for the Diff'rent Strokes family but left Arnold, Willis, and Kimberly to become the house-mother at the Eastland School for Girls and help guide Jo, Natalie, Blaire, and Tootie.

    Photo Source: Amazon/ Diff'rent Strokes - Available here for $10.49 and Amazon/Facts of Life - Available here for $7.49

  • French and Saunders Spin-Off — Absolutely Fabulous 9 of 11
    Ab Fab

    Absolutely Fabulous was an absolute hit here in the states, but did you know it was a spin-off of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders' show French and Saunders? The Absolutely Fabulous concept was originally a skit on French and Saunders called "Modern Mother and Daughter."

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  • The Daily Show Spin-Off — The Colbert Report 10 of 11

    Yes, a satirical news show beget another satirical news show. And thankfully, both are brilliant. Stephen Colbert's ultra-conservative character initially debuted on The Daily Show, but it was evident that he deserved more than a couple of minutes of air time and got his own program, The Colbert Report.

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  • Pretty Little Liars Spin-Off — Ravenswood 11 of 11

    The primetime mystery/drama Pretty Little Liars is huge with the teen set. So much so that it was worthy of a spin-off named Ravenswood, which begins airing in October and will probably do very well with the Pretty Little Liars demographic.

    Photo Source: Amazon/Pretty Little Liars - Available here for $19.26

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