12 Celebrities Who Prefer Pets to Parenthood! (Photos)

Mickey Rourke Cuddles a Pet

Having a child is a pretty big decision if not the biggest decision one will ever make in one’s life. And it’s not for everyone. Some people realize that being a parent is not their calling. Others just aren’t ready yet maybe they still have things they want to do or they are just too young to become a mom or dad.

Instead of having a human child, many have a pet instead who they consider part of their family and treat them as if they were their offspring. Others get a pet to horn their care giving skills, a precursor to having a baby when they are more mature or ready.

Check out these 12 celebrities who so far prefer pets to parenthood!

  • Venus Williams 1 of 11
    Venus Williams
    Tennis superstar Venus Williams with her super cute dog in Los Angeles.
  • Paris Hilton 2 of 11
    Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton is rarely seen without her tiny dog.
  • Jennifer Aniston 3 of 11
    Jennifer Aniston
    Last May Jennifer Aniston lost her beloved 15-year-old dog Norman. She loved him so much she got a tattoo to honor him.
  • Oprah 4 of 11
    Oprah made the decision to never have kids, instead she lavishes her love on her dogs.
  • Ashley Tisdale 5 of 11
    Ashley Tisdale
    She is often seen with her adorable dog Maui.
  • Amanda Seyfried 6 of 11
    Amanda Seyfried
    Actress Amanda Seyfried is a bit young (and single) to start a family, but her dog Finn is like a child to her.
  • Joe Jonas 7 of 11
    Joe Jonas
    This Jonas Brother is getting ready to be a dad (someday) by practicing with his Bull Dog.
  • Jessica Lowndes 8 of 11
    Jessica Lowndes
    90210 star Jessica parents her cute puppy on the set of her show.
  • Miley Cyrus 9 of 11
    Miley Cyrus
    She is probably years from procreating, but she has been parenting her pups for years.
  • Minka Kelly 10 of 11
    Minka Kelly
    Minka Kelly is often spotted with her pretty pooch.
  • Ice T and wife Coco 11 of 11
    Ice T and wife Coco
    Rapper and actor Ice T and wife Coco haven't had their own child yet, right now they have their hands full with their bull dog Spartacus.

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