12 Duggar Kids Got Chickenpox At Same Time - Do They Vaccinate Their Kids?


In the next episode of 19 and Counting airing Tuesday, we’ll be treated to watching 12 of the 19 Duggar children suffering from the chickenpox. Because nothing is more comforting when you’re sick than having cameras following you around… And it makes me wonder if the Duggars vaccinate their kids. I know even with the chickenpox vaccine there is a possibility of a mild case, but I would think if the children did receive the vaccine they wouldn’t have had such rampant outbreak. The timing of the outbreak coincided with the youngest Duggar Josie, being release from the hospital, so the homecoming had to be postponed

“For the first two years of her life Miss Josie is going to live in a little bubble,” Michelle explained about their 19th child.

Yes, a little bubble called tv!

I’ve voiced my concern before that the Duggars were willing to film preemie Josie and even making a television special out of it. Was it really necessary to subject a preemie, whose very life hung in the balance, to the cameras, extra noise and additional people? I admit, I’ve only seen a couple of the shows, but subjecting a preemie to unnecessary activity seems selfish of the parents.

What do think about that and whether the Duggars vaccinate? I can’t find confirmation of their views on that issue.

See a preview of the upcoming episode here.


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