12 Hopes For Season 3 of 'Teen Mom 2' (Photos)

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Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer have fun in NYC.

MTV may have already concluded the second season of Teen Mom 2, but Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer have already filmed an entire third season – plus a reunion special! And we’ve come up with our 12 hopes for the new season.

Let’s face it. We’re going through withdrawal just as hard as you are, and while a new season of 16 and Pregnant may tide us over for a bit, we are definitely looking forward to season 3 of Teen Mom 2.

And while we can certainly eavesdrop into the lives of our favorite teen moms on twitter, we can still hope for unbeknownst changes in their lives.

Take a look at our 12 hopes for season 3 of Teen Mom 2 below!

  • Playdates 1 of 12
    Why is it that these kids don't have any friends. Sure, Bentley and Leah are from the original 'Teen Mom,' but isn't it adorable to see these two playing together?
  • Crossovers 2 of 12
    These girls are clearly friends, and definitely talk to one another via twitter and texting, but on the show they live in separate worlds and never mention one another. Let's make this show a little more real and get these girls together in scenes.
  • No More Kieffer 3 of 12
    No More Kieffer
    We're so over Jenelle's old flame and jailbird Kieffer. Let's hope her new man is taking his place.
  • No More Cheating With Joe 4 of 12
    No More Cheating With Joe
    Sure Kailyn, Joe is your baby's daddy, but he seems to be more interested in his music career than a love life with you.
  • Reunion 5 of 12
    We hope that Leah and Corey can work out their differences and make it work as a couple.
  • ‘Teen Mom’ Crossover 6 of 12
    'Teen Mom' Crossover
    How about we get cast members from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 to cross over into one another's lives. But, please, not Gary.
  • Wedding 7 of 12
    Okay, we may not get a reunion between Leah and ex Corey Simms. And if we can't, lets get the next best thing: a wedding with fiance Jeremy Calvert!
  • Stay Out of Jail 8 of 12
    Stay Out of Jail
    Jenelle Evans is giving Lindsay Lohan a run for her money. Let's hope that Jenelle can stay out of trouble with the law next season.
  • Baby Talk 9 of 12
    Baby Talk
    We can't wait to hear these kids say full sentences and say some of the funniest things ever heard out of the 'Teen Mom' franchise.
  • Therapy 10 of 12
    It would be interesting to sit in on therapy sessions with the girls like reality star Bethenny Frankel does on 'Bethenny Ever After.'
  • Queen B 11 of 12
    Queen B
    How awesome would it be for Aubree to rule the roost among all the 'Teen Mom' kids? She sure seems like a firecracker! "Jace, go get my purse!"
  • Closure 12 of 12
    We really hope Chelsea can find closure with Adam. While they may be meant for one another, Adam has a lot of growing up to do first.

[Photos via Twitter.]

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