12 Ways Real Housewives Star Kelly Bensimon Has Rocked the Mini Dress

Kelly Bensimon rockin' the mini!

You know what Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon loves? A short, short skirt.

The mom of two has a tendency to opt for the shortest dresses or skirts she can find. There is that unwritten (and silly) rule that women over the age of 35 shouldn’t wear a mini-skirt but Kelly Bensimon – at age 43 – proves you can, and you can look amazing doing it.

Kelly wears in the mini-dress and skirt in a wide variety of ways from casual, to dressy to looking like she was challenging a showgirl. And sometimes it looked like she was just wearing a long shirt.

Here is our tribute to Kelly Bensimon and her mini dress fetish with 10 ways she has rocked the mini-dress!

Kelly rocks it, but can the rest of the Celeb Moms do it?