14 Children, 0 House: Octo-mom's Lawyer Takes Over Title


Will the Octo-mom soon become the old woman living in her shoes? Nadya Suleman hasn’t as of yet, but according to recent reports the mother of 14 is coming dangerously close to living this dark fairy tale.

Due to Suleman’s troubling financial situation, the Octo-mom’s lawyer Jeff Czech has taken ownership of the title of her home in La Habra, California. Public records indicate that the rights to the home were transferred from Suleman’s father, Ed Doud, to Czech’s company Harmony Enterprises, Inc.

Though Czech’s ownership of a title means ownership of a property in the real estate world, will the lack of a home mean homelessness for Suleman in the real world? Caring for herself and her 14 children can’t be cheap, especially with the extended deadline for her $450,000 loan payment quickly approaching. To make matters worse, the want to be reality star’s autobiography has received no offers from publishers. Not entirely shocking.

Historically this controversial mom has received very little sympathy from the media, and understandably so, but the thought of how this ordeal will impact the lives of her children absolutely breaks my heart. What will happen to them if their mother loses everything? Hopefully this mom has some sort of miracle up her sleeve to save herself and her family from falling further into this nightmare!