15 'Teen Mom' Spinoff Ideas: Bucket Lists, Newlyweds 2.0, & Canoodling With Chelsea! (Photos)

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'Newlyweds 2.0' Anyone?

I think it’s safe to say that MTV found its cash cow in Teen Mom!

Not only is the original series super successful, but so is prequel 16 & Pregnant as well as the sequel Teen Mom 2! And to top it off, MTV just ordered Teen Mom 3 to series.

E! has the Kardashians and MTV has the Teen Moms. But what happens now that the original cast, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood, have ended their run on the very successful franchise? Spinoffs!

There are rumors flying that Farrah has already been approached for a spinoff and Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has gotten married! With this information and more, we’ve come up with 15 spinoff ideas guaranteed for success! Take a look at the ideas below!

  • Getting Jace Back 1 of 15
    Getting Jace Back
    With all of the trouble Jenelle's gotten into over her seasons on Teen Mom, it would be great to see a show where she tries to repair her image as a mother. This would follow Jenelle's journey to get her son Jace back!
  • Teen Dad 2 of 15
    Teen Dad
    We've seen what the moms' day-to-day life is like, but what about the dads? Ryan Edwards has become a fan favorite and his relationship with Bentley is something we hardly get to see. But from the photos that we have seen, we know a live action version would be a smash!
  • Teen Mom: Grandparents 3 of 15
    Teen Mom: Grandparents
    The parents of our favorite Teen Moms are often in the background of the hit series. Let's bring them to the front, as leads, of the show and see them spend the day with their grandkids.
  • The Simple Life of a Teen Mom 4 of 15
    The Simple Life of a Teen Mom
    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie made this theme a cash cow! Imagine all the Teen Moms fishing on a boat! Or how about Chelsea and Kailyn milking some cows?
  • Cooking With Farrah 5 of 15
    Cooking With Farrah
    Farrah has admitted aspirations to open her own restaurant. We'd love to see it all unfold — choosing the location, hiring all the staff, opening day, and everything thereafter!
  • Catelynn & Tyler By Design 6 of 15
    Catelynn & Tyler By Design
    We already know Tyler and Catelynn can renovate their own home, but what about other homes? Think of it as Cribs for the DIY set.
  • Newlyweds 2.0 7 of 15
    Newlyweds 2.0
    Fans have been begging for Tyler and Catelynn's wedding to be filmed. But seeing as how their wedding is in the summer of 2013 and they've already finished their tenure on Teen Mom, a spinoff would be necessary! Could they be the new Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey for MTV? Take a look at their gorgeous engagement photos!
  • Teen Mom Kids 8 of 15
    Teen Mom Kids
    How about a show where we only see the kids — and we watch their funny conversations. Kids do say the silliest things! If all else fails, it could be a Saturday morning special. We've already taken a strong interest in their transformations!
  • The Teen Mom Bucket List 9 of 15
    The Teen Mom Bucket List
    Maci rode a bull and crossed it off her bucket list. We'd enjoy seeing what else the Teen Moms dream of accomplishing!
  • Maci & Bentley’s Trip Around the World 10 of 15
    Maci & Bentley's Trip Around the World
    Maci and Bentley already travel around the speak at various colleges. We'd love to see a taped version and all the people they meet along the way. Traveling is definitely a perk to being a reality star.
  • Canoodling With Chelsea! 11 of 15
    Canoodling With Chelsea!
    Okay, it may not be the most clever name, but fans are aching for a new version of A Shot at Love! And we want to see Chelsea land a hot man! We already came up with a number of hot celebrity suitors for Chelsea, but this way Chelsea would be in control.
  • Couples Therapy 12 of 15
    Couples Therapy
    We all know Amber and Gary could use a bit of relationship therapy. And we also know that Dr. Drew does a wonderful job. Put the two together. We've seen the best moments of our favorite cast members — and we hope that watching them heal their relationship will lead to even more!
  • Moving Abroad 13 of 15
    Moving Abroad
    Kailyn mentioned she wanted to move to Egypt. MTV, fork over the cash and tape the experience! How cool would it be to see Kailyn in a new environment, and essentially a whole new world?
  • Wife Swap 14 of 15
    Wife Swap
    How cool would it be to see Leah take part in a 'Wife Swap' sort of spinoff series. She could go from home to home, adjusting to different family dynamics, and in turn loving her husband Jeremy Calvert all that much more!
  • Teen Mom Crossovers 15 of 15
    Teen Mom Crossovers
    We always love seeing photos of the young moms together, but we never see them on camera together unless it's a reunion special. If the girls were to have scenes hanging out and discussing their experiences together, ratings would surely get higher.

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