'16 and Pregnant' Mom Jordan Ward Defends Herself on Being Pregnant Again

Jordan Ward and son Noah

16 and Pregnant mom Jordan Ward is pregnant again and she doesn’t care what you think about it!

The MTV reality star and mom to almost 11-month-old Noah, took to her Facebook fan page to make her announcement.

She also addressed her “haters”, wanting them to that she’s perfectly capable of taking care of having another child.

“I’ve read every comment on here,” Ward wrote on her Facebook wall.

“Yes I’m pregnant again. I really do not care if you think it’s wrong. I am married, we pay for everything, we aren’t living off of family or anything.”

“We pay rent, we own our car, for insurance, pay for food, pay for our cell phones, pay for clothes and whatever Noah needs. And we are moving in a house in August. && here’s a kicker…..IAM THE ONE WHO TAKES CARE OF NOAH 24/7!”

Ward is the second of the young moms on MTV to get pregnant again.  Many of her fans posted positive comments on her page, congratulating Ward and telling her to ignore the negative comments.

Ward’s husband, Brian, is reportedly headed to the Air Force in a month to work as a linguist.

Photo: Facebook

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