16 And Pregnant Season Premiere

The second season of 16 And Pregnant is due on Tuesday, October 26th on MTV.

MTV’s hit show 16 And Pregnant is scheduled to make it’s second season debut on Tuesday, October 25th. This year, MTV will follow the lives of five different teenage girls who are dealing with the stressful repercussions of becoming pregnant at a very young age. The premiere will come just as the second season of the network’s popular spin-off series, Teen Mom, comes to an end. Rumors have also been flying about Teen Mom getting its own spin-off, though MTV has yet to confirm or deny these claims.

With so many shows focused on the sensitive subject of teenage pregnancy, it is expected that the network will receive some backlash.  Is MTV glorifying teenage pregnancy by putting the spotlight on these young women, or is the network teaching young girls a lesson by exposing the additional issues that teenage mothers have to deal with?