'16 and Pregnant' Star Busted for Shoplifting… You'll Never Guess What She Was Allegedly Stealing

Whitney Purvis' mug shot from yesterday.

Can one of these ’16 and Pregnant’ or ‘Teen Mom’ girls graduate from college or have a lasting relationship or win the lottery or something?

Because all the negative news is starting to be a real downer.  I mean, these gals are really living up to the stereotype of teen moms, just proving every statistic ever thrown in their faces right.

The latest news involves Whitney Purvis who you may or may not remember from the first season of ’16 and Pregnant’.

Purvis was arrested yesterday after allegedly stealing a…  wait for it… pregnancy test from her local Walmart.  As Jezebel reports, the 20-year-old hid a First Response in her hoodie and used it in the store’s restroom.  She reportedly tried to sneak out of the store but was busted by security.

Purvis was arrested on charges of misdemeanor shoplifting.

Whitney appeared in the first season of the MTV series, which showcased both the teen and her mom pregnant at the same time.  Soon after her son Weston was born she moved in with her boyfriend, also named Weston, but the couple have since broken up.

No word on the results of the pregnancy test or who the possible baby daddy may be.  Sadly, Whitney’s mom was arrested for meth last year.  And the cycle continues…