16 and Pregnant Star Jordan Ward Pregnant with 2nd Child!

Jordan Ward and Her Son Noah

Jordan Ward had her first child when she was just 16. An event that was documented on the MTV show 16 and Pregnant. And now she and husband Brian are expecting their second baby and she’s just 18!

Their new baby – a girl – will join big brother Noah who is now about a year and a half. Their new baby is due in November.

Jordan was on a 16 and Pregnant reunion show a couple of months ago but refrained by making her pregnancy public. Why?

According to someone who apparently is very familiar with the couple said that, “Jordan has kept this quiet because she knew how disappointed people would be. Not only that but she wanted to be able to enjoy the life she created and be excited about it before having the wonderful world of tabloids rain on her parade.”

And she is not encouraging others to follow in her footsteps, “If there’s anything Jordan wants people to know it’s that being on birth control would have been the responsible thing to do. She was not trying to conceive but it happened and now they are welcoming a new addition to the family.”

Photo: MTV