16 & Pregnant : Ebony Jackson-Rendon Speaks Out About Baby Jocelyn Being Taken Away

Ebony Jackson-Rendon and Her Daughter
Ebony Jackson-Rendon and Her Daughter

One thing that  often comes with having a baby at a young age? The new parents don’t yet have the tools to handle not just their own lives but that of their helpless babies. Throw in a devastating personal tragedy, depression and lack of experience and things can get messy. That is just what happened to Ebony Jackson-Rendon, one of the stars of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant.

On September 19 the police and the Department of Health Services in Arkansas came and took Ebony’s 2-year-old daughter Jocelyn. Ebony and her boyfriend Joshua Rendon were arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor (after police said that the home was littered with “human and dog feces” in almost every room) and also possession of drug paraphernalia. And now Ebony Jackson-Rendon is speaking out about what happened owned up to the issues that had plagued their house. What did she say?

In regards to the feces issue she told Holly Baby, “we just had a litter of six puppies and got rid of the last one prior to everyone busting into our house,” Rendon explained. “A litter of puppies of course is going to damage your floor and that’s exactly what we were putting up with.”

As for the drug paraphernalia issue, Ebony was smoking marijuana to help her cope with her depression after recently losing her unborn son.

“It (the marijuana) was mine,” admitted Ebony. “It had nothing to do with Josh. It was all mine and I was just doing it to self harm … after the loss of my son, I just lost him two months ago.” And this was a deep depression she was in, she added that, “I’ve been depressed, anxious, dealing with the loss of [the baby]. I was already hospitalized at the beginning of June for suicide prevention.”

Her message to their 16 & Pregnant fans? “I just want to let all of our fans know we are sorry for letting them down and for letting Jocelyn down,” said Ebony.

Currently baby Jocelyn is in foster care, while Ebony and Josh try to heal and get their life together.

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