16-year-old Half Man Signs Deal for Millions!


two and a half men

How much money does a 16 year-old usually make? Some get an allowance for doing chores around the house, the national average being about $20 a week. Others get jobs at their local McDonalds, mow people’s lawns or fold sweaters at the Gap. But most of those jobs for sixteen year olds are very entry level, meaning they make minimum wage. But not Angus T. Jones. Why is this kid making millions?

Angus apparently has a really good agent. He plays Jake Harper, Charlie Sheen’s nephew on the show Two and a Half Men. His new deal? He’ll be making $300,000 per episode for the next two years, at a minimum of 26 episodes but it looks like CBS will be doing 48 episodes so he’s looking at making $14.4 million PLUS a $500,000 signing bonus!

Pretty stunning money for a 16-year-old (but actually, today he turned 17, but still…).  Is it time to get your kid in acting classes?