17 Best Celebrity Pumpkin Carvings: Celeb Jack O Lantern Photos

Jack o Lantern celebrity Halloween pumpkin carving pattern
Jack O' Lantern Britney Spears!

Halloween is upon us, and those looking for Jack O’Lantern carving inspiration need look no further than these celebrity pumpkin carvings.

We’ve rounded up 17 of the best celebrity pumpkin carvings of our favorite celeb parents in Jack O’Lantern form – Halloween pumpkins have never looked cooler!

From professional pumpkin carving artists, like The Pumpkin Geek and  Ray Villafane, to amateurs using a pumpkin carving pattern, you can’t dispute there are some great celebrity likenesses going on here.

Have you ever made a celebrity pumpkin carving?

  • Brad Paisley 1 of 17
    Brad Paisley
    Brad Paisley never looked so good!
    photo: The Pumpkin Geek
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 2 of 17
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    Wouldn't you love to see smaller pumpkin carvings of each of the Jolie-Pitt kids?
    photo: Best Week Ever
  • Britney Spears 3 of 17
    Britney Spears
    Britney in pumpkin form.
    photo: The Pumpkin Geek
  • Stephen Colbert 4 of 17
    Stephen Colbert
    With his ever-raised eyebrow, even!
  • Dave Grohl 5 of 17
    Dave Grohl
    Grohl in his Foo Fighters glory.
    photo: The Pumpkin Geek
  • Johnny Depp 6 of 17
    Johnny Depp
    One of our personal favorites.
    photo: The Pumpkin Geek
  • Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow 7 of 17
    Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
    Plus, Depp in Jack Sparrow costume. Sigh.
    photo: The Pumpkin Geek
  • Jon Stewart 8 of 17
    Jon Stewart
    The Daily Show funnyman makes a handsome pumpkin.
  • David Letterman 9 of 17
    David Letterman
    Letterman shines (the candle helps!).
  • David Letterman 10 of 17
    David Letterman
    This pumpkin carving of Letterman is top notch.
    photo: MSNBC
  • Michael Jackson 11 of 17
    Michael Jackson
    This MJ likeness is spot on.
    photo: Best Week Ever
  • President Barack Obama 12 of 17
    President Barack Obama
    Mr. President looks mighty patriotic.
    photo: MSNBC
  • President Obama and First Lady 13 of 17
    President Obama and First Lady
    President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama together!
    photo: Best Week Ever
  • Sarah Palin 14 of 17
    Sarah Palin
    This is so good!
  • Sarah Palin 15 of 17
    Sarah Palin
    A bit more cartoony, but Palin is captured pretty well in pumpkin form.
  • Orlando Bloom 16 of 17
    Orlando Bloom
    Bloom as the dashing Will Turner.
    photo: The Pumpkin Geek
  • Steve Jobs 17 of 17
    Steve Jobs
    This Steve Jobs tribute in pumpkin carving is fantastic.
    photo: The Pumpkin Geek


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