18 Of the Hottest Dads in the NFL! (Photos)

tom brady, nfl, super bowl
Tom Brad is the hottest dad in the NFL!

All eyes may be on who wins tonight’s Super Bowl, but in our opinion, ogling over which dad in the NFL is hotter beats a big game anytime!

Tom Brady may be the star playing in tonight’s game, but he’s also the hottest man in the NFL – dad or not! And it wasn’t hard to come up with a whole slew of other dads who give Brady and run for his money when it comes to the best looking NFL players.

Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, and Jay Cutler round out our list. Take a look below and find out which 18 players made our hottest NFL list!

  • Hank Baskett 1 of 18
    Hank Baskett
    Hank may be a free agent at the moment, but he is certainly hot enough to grab the attention of former playmate and now wife Kendra Wilkinson.
  • Adrian Peterson 2 of 18
    Adrian Peterson
    Adrian has a smile that would light a million stars.
  • Chad Ochocinco 3 of 18
    Chad Ochocinco
    Chad may have had his fair share of reality TV dating games, but anyone willing to give this guy up needs a few screws in their head tightened.
  • Donovan McNabb 4 of 18
    Donovan McNabb
    Donovan is a great dad and a big ole' teddy bear.
  • Eli Manning 5 of 18
    Eli Manning
    Eli and his brother Peyton both made the list! Good looks must run in the family.
  • Jason Taylor 6 of 18
    Jason Taylor
    Jason has the perfect skin complexion. And take a look at this defined triceps!
  • Jay Cutler 7 of 18
    Jay Cutler
    Jay and fiancee Kristin Cavallari are currently expecting their first child together.
  • Joey Harrington 8 of 18
    Joey Harrington
    Yes, please!
  • Kellen Winslow 9 of 18
    Kellen Winslow
    Kellen looks like quite the muscle man under that shirt.
  • Kyle Boller 10 of 18
    Kyle Boller
    Kyle has a jawline that most would die for.
  • Larry Fitzgerald 11 of 18
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Larry has some sexy calves. Don't you think?
  • Matt Leinhart 12 of 18
    Matt Leinhart
    Matt has quite the arms. And he's strong enough to be holding that heavy trophy.
  • Peyton Manning 13 of 18
    Peyton Manning
    In my opinion, the hotter brother to Eli Manning.
  • Tiki Barber 14 of 18
    Tiki Barber
    This man looks like he belongs in the movies. Do you agree?
  • Tom Brady 15 of 18
    Tom Brady
    There's not a whole lot to say about Tom Brady except he's perfection - in every possible way.
  • Tony Gonzalez 16 of 18
    Tony Gonzalez
    Tony is exotic and beautiful.
  • Tony Romo 17 of 18
    Tony Romo
    Tony is expecting his first child with wife Candace Crawford.
  • Adam Vinatieri 18 of 18
    Adam Vinatieri
    Adam may look a bit older, but if you just google him, you'll see why he made our list.

[Photos via Wikipedia/Twitter.]

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