19 Things To Learn From the Duggars on 19 Kids And Counting

the duggarsWhat I learned from watching TLC’s “19 Kids And Counting” tonight, the much-teased Duggar family chicken pox episode:

1. 19 kids + chicken pox = 15 million red welts.

2. Immunizations have never looked more appealing.

3. If you are going to be a crew member for a show about 19 children, make sure you’ve had all your immunizations. Otherwise you will be itchy.

4. Don’t have 19 children if you don’t like to do laundry.

5. These days they have medicine for chicken pox. Where was this 20 years ago, when I was itching so hard I got scars?

6. Preemies can’t get chicken pox or it could be FATAL. (Yeah, that is really scary, but the warning label smacked of fear-mongering, TLC.)

7. Fun game for sick children: Give every kid a thermometer. Let them take their own temps. Kid with the highest temp wins! (Warning: This is not as much fun if you only have one or two kids. Or if you do not have digital thermometers.)

8. It is possible for a baby to wear a hat bigger than her head. Exhibit A: Josie’s pink flower hat.

9. Babies can be lactose intolerant. Poor Josie!

10. When you leave the NICU, it can be really intense. Michelle Duggar has to monitor her baby’s oxygen, heart rate, everything, even when they’re just going out for a walk.

11. Do not watch this show with your own children, unless you want them to ask you for more babies. (Preferably with hats.)

12. Don’t commit insurance fraud! Oh wait, that was a commercial. There were kids in it, so I just assumed …

13. Michelle’s dad died while she was quarantined with Josie in the NICU. So sad I can’t imagine going through that on camera, but they had a nice tribute to him.

14. Families with many kids know each other. Or at least the Duggars (19 children) and Bates (17 children) do.

15. People with 19 (or 17) kids don’t sleep much. Hold that thought they’re going to sleep even less: No. 18 is on the way for the Bates.

16. Jim Bob and Michelle must have exceptional memories. I am having trouble keeping all these cute kids straight.

17. The Duggar family travels. A lot. So far tonight they’ve been to Ohio, Massachusetts, Malaysia (did I hear that right?), China and one other place that I couldn’t hear because my son was asking me to have another baby.

18. Swimming in dirty water with an elephant is fun!

19. Watching a show about 19 kids is terrific birth control. Hats off to you, Jim Bob and Michelle. I could never do it.

Photo: TLC

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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