20 Celebrity Moms and Their Hometowns: Where Are Our Favorite Celeb Moms From? (Photos)

halle berry
Where is Halle Berry originally from?

While most of our favorite celebrity moms reside either in sunny California or amid the hustle and bustle of New York City, not all of them were originally big city dwellers! The celeb moms we know and love come from all over the United States, and there are even a few who weren’t born in this country.

From mid-westerners, to southern belles, to even a mom from “south of the border,” famous mamas hail from all over the map. It’s actually tough to guess where most of them are from just by looking at them!

Halle Berry is definitely a household name, and her career doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon! Halle seems happier than ever being a mom to daughter, Nahla, and she no doubt loves living the California life. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood must be a big change from where Halle grew up. She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio!

To see the hometowns of 20 more of our favorite celebrity moms, check out the photos below.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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