2011 Super Bowl Commercials Sneak Peek Video: Watch Super Bowl 2011 Commercials

2011 super bowl commercials ads online video
Watch 2011 Super Bowl Commercials online video

Watch this 2011 Super Bowl commercials sneak peek video, where the Today show runs down some of the ads we’ll see this Super Bowl Sunday 2011.

In the video clip, the Super Bowl 2011 commercial experts talk about the return of the Careerbuilder monkeys, the E Trade babies, and the Budweiser Clydesdale horses.

They also touch on the role of social media, with a statistic that 15% of people watching the Super Bowl will be on Facebook and are more likely to post ads than something about the game.

The 2011 Super Bowl commercials sneak peek video includes the VW “The Force” commercial, a look at the VW Bug ad (even though the car won’t be released until the Fall, t his will help build buzz), plus exclusive footage of Kim Kardashian’s Skecher’s ad, a GoDaddy spot, and a hilarious Doritos ad that shows the powerful life-giving properties of the cheesy chip!

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