The Upcoming Class! 12 Superlatives for The Celeb Babies-To-Be

Being pregnant is a super exciting time — certainly for the parents and also for the friends and family who are involved in the child’s life. It’s a busy time where we spend countless hours thinking about what our bodies are doing, how labor and delivery will go and who our babe will look like.

We also spend a lot of time wondering who that baby will be. What will they be like? What will their future hold? What funny quirks will they inherit from us and also what they will end up doing with their lives. It’s fun, overwhelming and our mind can go a million different what-if-ways.

With some of our favorite celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Anna Faris and even guilty pleasures like Snooki all awaiting the arrival of their babies, it’s fun to think about who their babies will grow up to be. It’s also fun to think about where these babies-to-be will fit in the interesting celebrity-circle — you know like how high school yearbooks have the list every year that has people voting on who is the “most likely to succeed” or to point out the “class clown”.

Click through to see what I believe the most anticipated celebrity babies-to-be will be most likely to do:

  • Anna Faris’s Baby-to-be 1 of 12
    Anna Faris's Baby-to-be
    Most likely to make everyone laugh.
    Anna never shies away from doing whatever it takes to get a laugh -- & it seems to work more times then not. It would be hard to imagine her baby not being funny.
  • Tori Spelling’s Anticipated 4th 2 of 12
    Tori Spelling's Anticipated 4th
    Most likely to be spotted in hand-me-downs.
    Tori is expecting her 4th child and with that comes a lot of clothes! She has one boy and two girls and I don't imagine she needs to buy much for this babe.
  • Uma Thurman’s 3rd Babe 3 of 12
    Uma Thurman's 3rd Babe
    Most likely to have unfair good looks and be the tallest in their class, always.
    Uma is one of the most gorgeous celebs in Hollywood. With legs for days and gorgeous blue eyes, I bet her babe inherits some of that from her.
  • Anna Paquin’s Anticipated Baby 4 of 12
    Anna Paquin's Anticipated Baby
    Most likely to succeed.
    Anna won her first Academy Award at 11 years old and since she has been in some of the most anticipated roles. From X-Men to True Blood, you know some of that talent will rub off on the babe.
  • Drew Barrymore’s Bundle-to-be 5 of 12
    Drew Barrymore's Bundle-to-be
    Most likely to become a hipster.
    Drew has always been a flower child and marches to the beat of her own drum. It's why we love her and I bet her babe will take on the role well.
  • Sienna Miller’s Babe 6 of 12
    Sienna Miller's Babe
    Most likely to be more fashionable than you.
    Sienna has always had a gorgeous fashion style. With her dressing her babe for the first few years at least, we know she will have them decked out in the best style.
  • Kourtney Kardashian’s Second Child 7 of 12
    Kourtney Kardashian's Second Child
    Most likely to get their own reality show.
    The Kardashian Family became a big name when they starred in their own reality show. It's since spawed out a few different series, and Kourtney's kids are totally next in line.
  • Reese Witherspoon’s Soon-to-be Newborn 8 of 12
    Reese Witherspoon's Soon-to-be Newborn
    Most likely to be the loved favorite.
    It is hard to not love Reese and she really can't do any wrong in our eyes. I bet we all fall in love with her new baby almost as quick as she does.
  • Giuliana Rancic’s Awaited Miracle 9 of 12
    Giuliana Rancic's Awaited Miracle
    Most likely to have their own job by 5 years old.
    Giuliana and her husband Bill have their hands full already with all the jobs each are doing. TV host, web host, real estate and so much more you know their child will be a go-getter as well.
  • Kristin Cavallari’s Upcoming Addition 10 of 12
    Kristin Cavallari's Upcoming Addition
    Most likely to be famous for no reason.
    Kristin became famous years ago when she starred in one of the first reality shows Laguna Beach. She hasn't really done much since then, yet is still famous. Her babe will probably follow along her coat-tails.
  • Vanessa Minnillo’s Awaited Babe 11 of 12
    Vanessa Minnillo's Awaited Babe
    Most likely to star in a one-hit wonder pop group.
    Vanessa and her husband Nick are not exactly A-list celebs. He being a few-hit-wonder 90's boy band and she was a tv host. I can just see their babe wanting to follow along the singer's path.
  • Snooki’s Bundle 12 of 12
    Snooki's Bundle
    Most likely to be gifted a lifetime supply of tanning.
    Our favorite orange guidette has recently admitted to cutting back on the tanning since she's pregnant. We know once the baby is born she will probably go right back to those tanning beds, with babe in toe.

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