2012 Sexiest Men Alive "Dad Edition" As Seen In People Magazine (Photos)


People Magazine has named their 2012 Sexiest Man Alive — Channing Tatum!  But of course I noticed all of the Hot Hollywood Dads that were up for the nomination!

How could I not!!  Hollywood Dads used to be Hollywood Teen Crushes that got even Hotter ( Ok, for some of us)!

I have to say that Matt Bomer and Max Greenfield are in a tie for ME!!!  Damian Lewis is a close runner up ! Not, that the other contestants aren’t super Sexy or Hot!!

Who is on your list? Do you have a list?

Check out the photos below!!

  • Denzel Washington! 1 of 7
    Denzel Washington!
    Even as a kid my mom used to say how handsome Denzel was!!! I may get in trouble but her quote was... "He could eat crackers in bed!!" hahaha
  • Max Greenfield 2 of 7
    Max Greenfield
    Max Greenfield is that funny, dorky, guy who grows on you... And one day you find out that he works out and has abs of steel!!!! I love him on "The New Girl".
  • Matt Bomer 3 of 7
    Matt Bomer
    Sigh!!!! Matt Bomer is on my laminated list! He and Rob Lowe look like they could be cousins!
  • Chris Hemsworth 4 of 7
    Chris Hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor in the movie "The Avengers" is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see the kids grow up!
  • Paul Rudd! 5 of 7
    Paul Rudd!
    Paul Rudd, is the dreamiest man alive! I mean I love to watch him act!!! He always has me in stitches!!
  • Damian Lewis 6 of 7
    Damian Lewis
    I didn't want to like Damian Lewis, I really didn't... Until he gave his acceptance speech at the Emmy's and that accent came out and I melted!!
  • Ben Affleck 7 of 7
    Ben Affleck
    Ben to me really, really is the sexiest man. Daily, we spot him out and about with his family and that makes him even more sexy! A dad playing the role of dad!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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