21 Jump Street: Best Cameo Ever! (Spoiler Alert)


A lesser, not as confident actor would not want to go back to their roots. Especially when they go from TV to the big screen, never to return again. But then there are those that go there. That are willing to embrace their humble beginnings. And in the new film 21 Jump Street (which is doing great at the box office this weekend), there is a very special cameo of one such man… (warning spoiler alert):

The one and only Johnny Depp. It’s actually NOT that big of secret that he appears in the film. They tried to keep it as a surprise, but in this information society we live in, it’s hard to keep a secret.  Jonah Hill – who stars in the film as well as help producer it – said, ”It’s like stepping into the ‘Star Wars’ world, and trying to avoid Darth Vadar. It was pretty crucial to me that Johnny came on board for a cameo. Once he agreed, it was a case of finding a funny way to do it. I reckon most people – if not all – will be hard-pressed to spot him until he steps forward. Johnny’s a great sport, and always up for a laugh, so, he was pretty much game for anything. In the end, he felt it was cathartic too, a chance to say sorry, in a way, to his co-stars for bailing on them.”

Yeah, Johnny Depp, he keeps on racking up the cool points!


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