3 Cities We Think The Housewives Should Film In Next


The Real Housewives franchise is perpetually growing, continuing with the newest installment–DC–premiering tonight on Bravo. Though we’re super excited to see what kind of antics the ladies of our country’s capital will get into, we’re also already looking forward to what cities will be next on the list. We already thought of a few perfect places, but our list isn’t done yet. Bravo, take note: We have a few ideas for you.


Amongst the down-to-earth midwesterners is a rather large pocket of Chicago housewives who definitely appreciate the finer things in life. The capital of middle-America is home to families raking in the dough and living the good life in multi-million Lakeshore condos and near-to-the-city suburban mansions. These women spend leisure time on their Lake Michigan boats, shopping the “Magnificent Mile,” and taking tennis lessons–and we’re sure Bravo could uncover some serious drama in the midst of all of it.


We can just picture Aspen’s richest snow bunnies skiing (or, arguing about who has better jewelry in the ski chalet), sipping, and snipping at each other. This is one of the most luxurious Colorado towns, and we’re certain there are some hidden housewife gems just waiting for their time in the spotlight.

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New Orleans

The Big Easy is sure to have some old-money southerners perfect for good TV. The city has a great deal of history, some tragic–like Hurricane Katrina–but one thing is sure: The people there are resilient, and there may even be some endearing story lines in this group of housewives. That’s not to say, of course, that there wouldn’t be some serious Bourbon Street drama. We’ve seen Real World: New Orleans–we know what the twenty-somethings do for Mardi Gras, but how about those moms–they’ve gotta be celebrating in their own lavish ways.

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