3 Reasons Hurricane Danielle May Have Been Named After Danielle Staub


As the new Tropical Storm Danielle picks up speed–heading toward being Hurricane Danielle–we simply have to wonder: How coincidental is it that our newest hurricane shares a moniker with the one and only Real Housewives of New Jersey hurricane, Danielle Staub? We’re prepared to make the case for why it would be fitting to compare the tropical storm and the…New Jersey storm.

1. They move quickly, hitting multiple targets along the way. According to Huffington Post, Hurricane Danielle is moving west-northwest, in the direction of Bermuda after starting in the Central Atlantic. Kind of like how Danielle Staub targeted Dina and Caroline in the early days of Real Housewives of New Jersey, then gradually worked her way through the group–having it out with Teresa, Jacqueline, and, of course, Jacqueline’s daughter.

2. They’re destructive and unwanted. We were enjoying summer weather this year, and now we have to deal with worrying about a hurricane invading and ruining our last precious moments of this favorite season. And we think it’s pretty safe to say, the other New Jersey Housewives were pretty blissful in their world of over-spending and gossiping about where they can get their way-too-young daughters manicures and hair blow-outs–until Danielle came along and insisted on incorporating herself and her conspiracy theories into their lives.

3. They’re utterly chaotic. Just looking at those computer generated images of hurricane paths stress us out–we only have a slight idea of where they’re going to go next, and that whole spiral image is completely daunting and totally unnerving. And just when we think we know what’s going to happen with Tropical Storm Danielle, we find out something different. The same can absolutely be said for Danielle Staub, the resident crazy on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Despite our close following of her antics on each and every episode, blog, and reunion, we really never know what Staub is going to do next. One minute she’s placing her trust in a fellow housewife; the next she’s aligning with a former felon whose personality–we can only imagine–eerily resembles a mafia member.


Photo: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos