3 Reasons Why Curtis Stone is The New Host of Top Chef Masters!


Curtis Stone

Someone had to pack their knives and go, and it wasn’t one of the contestants. This time the host got the boot. Pulling a switcharoo, the producers of Top Chef Masters have given Kelly Choi her walking papers. The new host? That would be the Australian Chef Curtis Stone. So why is Kelly Choi out and Chef Curtis Stone in? Here are three reasons.

Well first it should be mentioned that all Bravo said about the next season of Top Chef Masters is that it “will return for a third season later this year with Curtis Stone as host.” Yeah, they kept out some of the pretty pertinent details.

Three of the reasons why Kelly is out and Curtis is in?

1. Kelly hasn’t had much charisma when it comes to her hosting duties, people have complained about her boring delivery.

2. Also, the show is quite popular with the ladies…and who else is? That hunky Curtis Stone. He brings a rugged sex appeal that will probably play well.

3. And he also recently got a lot more exposure with his role on Celebrity Apprentice and his appearances on the Today Show have made him more of a household fixture.

Do you think this is a good replacement? Will you continue to watch?