3 Reasons Why Michael Lohan Should Not Open Rehab Center


This seems pretty obvious, but I just couldn’t help myself. Of all things for Michael Lohan to look into opening; a rehabilitation center! Really? This must be some sort of sick joke. But, in the event that this man is, in fact, serious about his absurd idea, here are three legitimate reasons as to why he should NOT follow through with the rehab center:

1. His criminal history

Talk about blind leading the blind. Michael Lohan has been arrested and incarcerated multiple times. In some states that’s enough to get your application for a job at the local burger stand shredded, and this man wants to open a rehabilitation center? I don’t the the DUI, assault charges, criminal contempt of court, and the long list of other offenses will help him get this thing off the ground. 

2. His daughter’s criminal history

If Michael Lohan can not help his own daughter, why does he find it a good idea to offer help to anyone else? Who would take it after watching Lindsay’s public ordeal? 

3. His potential project partner

Now this is just the icing on the cake. As if one dad with a troubled, famous child is not enough, let’s add another one to the mix! According to sources, Michael Lohan is looking to team up with Mel Gibson’s father, Hutton. Right… because that’s a sound business decision. 

What are your thoughts on Michael Lohan’s recent project?