30 Rock's Jane Krakowski Has a Baby Boy! What Did She Name Him?

Jane Krakowski Had a Baby Boy!

Something must be in the water at 30 Rock. The two main female stars of the hilarious sitcom were both preggers at the same time. But Jane Krakowski beat cast mate (and boss) Tina Fey to the baby punch, she gave birth to her son on Wednesday April 13th.

So what did Jane and her husband Robert Godley opt to name their 7 lbs 12 ounces?

They named their son Bennett Robert Godley. Robert – in honor of dear old dad – and Bennett because , well, they liked it! The name Bennett has origins in the word “blessed”, and let’s hope he is.

Jane says that, “Bennett is an amazing, healthy sweet boy and we are both just crazy in love with him,” the new mom told Us Magazine.

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It’s only a matter of time before Bennett makes his own appearance in 12 Months of Cute Celebrity Kids!

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