4 Reasons Why Demi Lovato Went to Rehab?!?


Demi Lovato rehab

Teen star Demi Lovato is yet another Disney superstar who is finding that growing up rich, famous and in front of the camera ain’t all that it is cut out to be. These young entertainers have a immense amount of pressure on them from work, family and fans. It would be a struggle to deal with all this at the age of 28 let alone the young age of 18. But fortunately Demi Lovato has opted to seek out help before things got too serious or dire. A very smart and sadly very public move. So why did she decide to enter rehab? Her rep said that it is for “emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time,” but beyond that it’s been vague. Here are four issues she may be dealing with. Is it one of these or maybe all four?!?

Cutting There have apparently been rumors of Demi engaging in ‘cutting’ for about two years. There was even a photo that really looked like scars on her wrists but her publicist wrote it off as being marks from bracelets. Cutting is an act that is an act of self mutilation that is sadly more and more common with girls from 12 to 24.

Eating disorder Getting, being and staying thin is a sad reality for girls in young Hollywood, and word is is that Demi was not immune to the pressures of trying to lose weight and has struggled with her body image.

Depression from heartbreak Having to see your ex-boyfriend all the time is one thing, but having to see, work with and witness them cavorting with their new love each and every day? That must be torture. Especially for a young girl still struggling with navigating the minefield that are relationships.  But Demi has had to see her ex Joe Jonas with Twilight star Ashley Greene together while on this international tour.

Erratic Behavior Cutting, eating disorders and depression can all lead or can be symptoms of erratic behavior (and personality disorders).  There were reports that she physically assaulted someone while on tour. And then there was her whole Twitter thing. She tweeted that she had gotten engaged. It was a joke of some sort, but then her Twitter account was deleted altogether. Which is probably a very good thing, just looking at Courtney Love’s twitter account is a cautionary tale for any celebrity going through an emotional time and tweeting about it.

Do you think her rehab stint is one of those four things or perhaps all of the above?

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