5 Baby BFFs for Snooki's Little Meatball! (Photos)

Who Should Snooki Plan Playdates With?

This week Snooki celebrated the birth of her son Lorenzo. The Jersey Shore celebrity isn’t just a reality star but she is a household name. Her newborn is just a couple days old and is already famous and will continue to be as he grows up in front of cameras. Lorenzo will have a unique upbringing, one that will not be like the little boy next door. That said, Snooki should start planning playdates with other celebrity moms immediately, the moms and their offspring who will be able to relate to being a family in the spotlight.

So who would make good pals for little Lorenzo and fun mom matches for Snooki? Check out our recommendations here!

  • Kim Zolciak’s Boy Kash 1 of 5
    Kim Zolciak's Boy Kash
    It would be a playdate made in reality TV heaven. Kim Zolciak had her fourth child— a baby boy named Kash Kade— on August 15th, just a week and half before Snooki. Kim and Snooki are both outspoken and outrageous which would be a great mommy match. Plus these two babies will both be in front of the cameras so that they would have a shared experience growing up.
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  • Kourtney Kardashians Daughter Penelope 2 of 5
    Kourtney Kardashians Daughter Penelope
    Another reality TV match, Kourtney and Snooki may come from different worlds (New Jersey vs. Beverly Hills), but they are both iconic celebrities who have millions of followers. Penelope will, no doubt, be spending a whole lot of time in New York City, which is close to Snookie's New Jersey home.
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  • Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Maxwell 3 of 5
    Jessica Simpson's Daughter Maxwell
    Snooki and Jessica don't hold anything back. These two ladies are queens of the celebrity overshare and would probably get along great. And another thing they both share? A love of animal prints!
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  • Pinks Daughter Willow 4 of 5
    Pinks Daughter Willow
    Pink and Snooki are both tough but tamed wild women turned moms. Also, both are also household names ones that don't need a last name, a first name and a nickname at that, is enough for them. You know these families, although coming from vastly different worlds, would have a lot of fun together.
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  • Kendra Wilkinsons Son Hank 5 of 5
    Kendra Wilkinsons Son Hank
    Kendra was one of the first celebrities to tweet a congratulations out to Snooki writing, "Yayyyy CONGRATS ‪@snooki. Sooo happy for you. Can't wait to see pics of Lorenzo!!!" Kendra's son Hank is already three, a bit older than baby Lorenzo, but he can show Lorenzo the ropes and teach him a thing or two about being the son of a reality super star.
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