5 Beyonce Quotes About Becoming a Mom Someday (And That Day is NEAR)

Beyonce on Motherhood

We all that day would come when Beyonce would announce that  she was pregnant. It was just a matter of time, and that time was MTV’s 2011 VMAs on Sunday night.

Jay Z and Beyonce lead pretty hectic and crazy lives, so finding the right time to create a family was probably a challenge. But Beyonce has never been shy about wanting to have a child. In a wide variety of interviews Beyonce discussed her wanting to be a mom someday, so the surprise announcement really wasn’t a shock. So what has Beyonce been saying about wanting to have a baby?

Check out these five quotes from Beyonce on motherhood right here to see what led up to this big news.

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    "When you're young —18 or 19 — you have the energy and drive. That's the time to work as hard as you can. Now I'm a woman, and because I gave it my all, I can focus on my marriage. I can decide I want to have kids. I can be the mother I want to be and dedicate myself to my children."
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    "I'm not anyone's mother, hopefully I will be one day."
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    "I feel like a woman. I feel like I'm very aware of who I am. I feel great and I feel like 30 is the ideal age [to start a family], because you're mature enough to know who you are and to have your boundaries and your standards, and not be afraid, too polite — but you're young enough to be a young woman," she explained. "I'm so looking forward to it." She added, "I always said I'd have a baby at 30. But I also said I'm going to retire at 30 ... Only God knows."
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    "I have so much admiration for women who are mothers, who balance family and work. I see them and I have this word in my head — respect. I also look to learn. I see these women and I think, 'Yes, it can be balanced, it can all work out."
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    "There are certain things I wanted to do before I had a child so I can really focus on being a mother. And Im getting closer to that point, but I mean I still am in such a great place in my career that I feel like I want to wait until I'm really, really ready."


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