5 Browns Abusive Dad Pleads Guilty: How Much Prison Time Will He Get?


The father of the musical group 5 Brown appeared in court donning scars from a recent car accident and pled guilty. What did he do? Some pretty horrendous and horrible stuff. The 55-year-old dad – Keith Scott Brown – pled guilty of sexually abusing three of his daughters when they were kids.

His daughters, now grown women of the ages of 32, 30 and 26 were all members of the Julliard-trained quintet made up of five of the Brown siblings. He is looking at a jail term of 10 year to life in prison.

The family must be happy to see that justice is being served to the man who took advantage of them in so many ways. The group on their website — thanked their fans for their support saying,  “One of the greatest sources of joy and satisfaction in life ”¨is the opportunity to share our music together ”¨and with fellow music lovers throughout the world.” Although their emotional scars will always be there, here’s hoping that their father being put safely away will hold some kind of closure.

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