5 Celebrity Mommyrexics: Pregnant & Super Skinny (Photos)

Victoria Beckham Too Skinny?

There is a disturbing new trend that seems to have come from Hollywood – the trend of the so-called ‘Mommyrexics.” The “Mommyrexic” is a pregnant mom who tries to gain as little weight as they can while carrying their baby.

These women adhere to strict diets and workout daily in order to try to keep their weight gain at a minimum during their pregnancy. And it’s a trend that is growing. It’s been reported that maternity lines are having to make smaller sizes to meet the new skinny mom needs.

Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope added a smaller size to her company but was concerned saying, “‘I’m worried about this trend, because even I couldn’t fit into it, and I’m small!’

A dietitian chimed in on Victoria’s Beckham saying,  “Beckham’s in her eighth month now, and looking too thin continues to be part of [her] plan – healthy or not. She hasn’t been looking as vibrant – pale face, dull eyes and more drained.”

But is that really best for the baby?  Will vanity take it’s toll? Check out what celebrity moms who are and were super skinny in the slideshow here.

  • January Jones Excercises Daily 1 of 4
    January Jones Excercises Daily
  • Bethenny Frankel Took the Skinny Girl Brand to Heart 2 of 4
    Bethenny Frankel Took the Skinny Girl Brand to Heart
  • Rachel Zoe stayed skinny 3 of 4
    Rachel Zoe stayed skinny
  • Nicole Richie was a slim pregnant lady 4 of 4
    Nicole Richie was a slim pregnant lady

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