5 Highlights From Bachelor Pad Episode 3


Bachelor Pad Episode 3 aired last night on ABC, and it is getting more and more scandalous each and every week!  Between new couples forming in the house, established couples being torn apart, and the cast taking back-stabbing to a whole new level, this is sure to be one great season for drama!

In case you missed it, here are 5 highlights from last night’s show:

1. The Kissing Contest – The competition kicked off this week with cast members taking part in a kissing contest in order to determine who was the best male and best female kisser in the house.  The process started with the men lining up and the girls being brought out one by one wearing blindfolds.  Each guy then went up to the blindfolded girl and proceeded to make out with her like it was his job.  Then the process was repeated with the men being the ones wearing blindfolds. Things got pretty steamy, and everyone except for Ashley and Gia engaged in a pretty ferocious game of tongue twister!

2. Dave Good was crowned best male kisser – Dave won the competition for the men and took Nikki, Natalie, and Krisily to Las Vegas for a little poolside fun, where Natalie didn’t hesitate to take off her bikini top.  Much to Krisily’s disappointment, when it came time for Dave to choose one woman to spend the night in the fantasy suite with him, the topless chick ruled.  His night ended with the cameras showing he and Natalie getting pretty cozy in the king-sized bed in their suite.

3. Peyton wound up being best kisser for the girls – Peyton, from Andy Baldwin’s season, won the game of tongue twister and took Jesse Covaks, Jesse B., and Kiptyn out for a night on the town and a little drag racing.  Though she was fond of all three men, she chose Jesse B. to stay the night with her in the fantasy suite, and showed off her kissing skills a little more.  We can expect these two to be the next “it” couple in the Bachelor Pad house.

4. Wes brought out his guitar – For anyone who watched Jillian Harris’s season of The Bachelorette, I’m sure you remember Wes serenading her with his self-penned ballad, “Love Don’t Come Easy.”  Viewers got a real treat last night when he sang the same number for Gia, who swooned and declared Wes a “Modern-Day Shakespeare.”  Will Gia and Wes form a real relationship outside of the show?  Only time will tell.

5. Sadly, the forecast was cloudy for Jonathan, The Weatherman – He was voted off the show along with Gia, despite Wes’s best efforts to keep her there.  Gia left in tears in the limo, while The Weatherman whined about coming on the show for money, and possibly love, but ultimately leaving handed.  I can hear the violins playing now.

Bachelor Pad Episode 3 was a hit…can episode 4 top it?  Tune in next Monday night on ABC to find out!