5 Little Known Facts About The Super Bowl


We all know that the Super Bowl is taking place in just a few hours. I’m a huge fan of random trivia, so here are five interesting facts that you might not know about the big game.

Since the NFL season extends over 2 calendar years, the NFL uses Roman Numerals to designate each Super Bowl

In over 40 years of Super Bowls, no NFL team has ever played one on its home field

Second only to Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the largest food-consumption day in the US

There are no videotapes in existence of the first two Super Bowl games, no Super Bowl game has ever gone into overtime, and no Super Bowl team has ever been shut out

The San Francisco 49ers are a perfect 5-0 In Super Bowl appearances; on the other hand, both the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings are 0-4 in Super Bowl appearances

Do you know any interesting Super Bowl Facts? If so, please share!

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