5 Observations Of Angelina Jolie & Kids Hitting Japan


Yet another passport stamp for the jettsetting Jolie-Pitts.  Angelina Jolie was spotted at the Narita airport in Japan on Monday, fresh from a press tour in Russia for her new film Salt. With Angie were Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh and from all appearances it looks like daddy Brad stayed at home with the twins. Some observations of the family…
The kids all held hands as they walked though the airport and all seemed in good spirits.

• Shiloh was sporting an inkling of femininity with her boyish hair cut growing out a bit, with a bit of a flip in the back and she was seen wearing a gold necklace.

•  Pax wore a cotton suit, a pageboy hat and aviator glasses hooked onto the front of his shirt, totally channeling a Brad Pitt vibe. Plus he’s missing one of his front teeth.

• Maddox was looking sporty with a white tank undershirt and cross body backpack in lime.

• Zahara wore a bright chateaus sweater over a white outfit,, trying to hold in a big smile.

• At one point Maddox wacked his little brother Pax, with Angelina having to scold her son for his questionable behavior…right in front of the paparazzi! Oops.

You can check out their arrival photos right here!

Photo: INFPhoto