5 Older Celebrity Dads

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Piers Morgan is just 46!

Piers Morgan isn’t going to be the only older dad in Hollywood. In fact, he shares good company with many men who had their children well past the age of 50.

Here are 5 older dads in Hollywood who prove that being young at heart is a requirement for a man of any age, and it helps immensely in being a good father!

Kevin Costner: The actor and wife Christine Baumgarten had their first baby, Cayden, when Costner was 52. Second son Hayes was born in 2000 when Costner was 54.

Rod Stewart: The sexy singer has fathered seven children with five different women. The oldest was born in 1964 and his last child (for now) was born in 2005 when Rod was 61.

Warren Beatty: The actor has four children with wife Annette Benning. Their last child Ella was born April 8, 2009 when he was 63 years-old.

Gary Busey: His first son Jake was born in 1971. Busey was 65 when his second son Luke with his girlfriend Steffanie Sampson.

Larry King: The talk show host is the oldest dad on this list. His last child, Cannon was born in May 2000 when King was 66 years-old.



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