5 Reasons Katie Holmes' Divorce Could Be the Best Thing She's Ever Done

Katie Holmes has a lot to look forward to.

Divorce is never an easy – or a pleasant – option for any couple. Even in the most amicable splits, feelings of sadness and regret are normal and can linger for months or years. For parents, the added heartache of introducing their children to a two-home arrangement makes it harder still.

But for many couples, a breakup is not only the wisest option, but one that ensures the partners a happiness they might not have known when the rings were still on their fingers. Personally, I think that’s exactly the case for Katie Holmes. While her marriage to Tom Cruise seemed to be working well in the early years, it was clear later on that she wasn’t the same exuberant soul she used to be.

While it won’t be a picnic hammering out the divorce details – and, unfortunately, a custody battle may be brewing – Katie will come out the winner in the long run. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. She won’t be “Mrs. Tom Cruise” any longer. Sure, Dawson’s Creek fans remember her fondly, but everyone else associates her name with that of her far more famous husband. She always had that air of a girl who saw her Prince Charming dreams come true, only to realize later that it’s not that much fun to hang back on the balcony while your prince basks in the adulation of his commoners.

2. Her career will pick up again.  Katie’s post-Dawson roles have been mediocre at best. It might have been a personal choice to focus on supporting Tom, or she might have decided that being a hands-on mom to Suri was more important than reading for blockbuster films. A new report by an investigative journalist even claims that Hollywood bigwigs deliberately avoided casting her for fear of calling too much unwanted attention to Scientology. But with the ring off her finger and Suri starting school, Katie will be free to read for juicy movie and TV parts again.

3. She’ll be free to find a better partner. Yes, opposites attract, and mismatched spouses can and do make their relationships work. But when there are major differences that a couple can’t reconcile or compromise – like what religion to practice or how many children to have – the odds are impossibly stacked against them. It seems pretty clear that Catholic-bred Katie never fully embraced Tom’s Scientology beliefs, and realized that she needed to get out before she and Suri got in too deep. And now, older and wiser, she can look for a man who’s a true soulmate in every sense of the word.

4. She’ll be able to choose motherhood on her own terms. One issue that cropped up time and time again for TomKat was their rumored disagreement over having more children. According to a report last December, Tom sent his wife lavish gifts while on his international press tour for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocolin hopes of convincing her to get pregnant again.If it’s true that she’s a one-and-done mom, then she can let future suitors know that this is her dealbreaker issue. On the other hand, with the right guy, she might just decide that it’s time to give Suri a step-sibling.

5. She’ll be free of the gossip and craziness. It’ll take time, mind you. The stories about cult rituals, stalking, beliefs in aliens, her “daring escape” and the divorce details won’t die down for a while. But once all is said and done, she can look forward to the life her predecessor, Nicole Kidman, enjoys now: quiet, devoid of scandal and weird rumors. Katie will be able to look into a paparazzi’s lens and give a genuine smile, rather than the rueful twisted smirk she’s been flashing. And best of all, life for Suri will be more peaceful and joyful. That’s all any mom could ever want.

In the case of Katie Holmes, her happily-ever-after will come after she sets eyes on her prince for the last time.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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