5 Reasons Snooki Will Do GREAT on Dancing with the Stars!


There had been rumors for weeks about the upcoming cast of the uber popular Dancing with the Stars and on Wednesday it was confirmed and yes, Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki will be one of the stars!

The petite mom, business woman and pop culture icon will be hitting the dance floor with Sasha Farber. And Snooki is excited! She tweeted, “LOVING all the love&support from u guys!! Can’t wait to hit the floor for all yas!! XOXOX.” The reality TV star will be joining Valarie Harper, Leah Remini, Jack Osbourne, Keyshawn Johnson among other luminaries. And you know what? Our money is on Snooki for taking the competition by storm.  Here are our five reasons why we think Snooki will take the mirrored ball trophy this year!

  • Her Partner 1 of 5
    snooki dancer

    Snooki has a great partner, Sasha Farber. He is new to Dancing with the Stars in the US but has been on Dancing with the Stars in Australia.

    Photo Source: Snooki/ Instagram

  • She’s Used to the Shoes 2 of 5

    One thing that I'm in awe of is that the women on the show dance wearing heels! Snooki is VERY experienced with wearing high heels in all sorts of scenarios, sot that will not slow her down.

    Photo Source: Snooki/ Instagram

  • She’s Flexible! 3 of 5

    Not only was Snooki on the cheerleading squad in school, but she was a gymnast and can do a pretty impressive flip!

    Photo Source: Snooki/ Instagram

  • She’s Been Working Out! 4 of 5

    Snooki has been obsessed with fitness and works out ALL the time, we thought she was just trying to lose the baby weight but it looks like she was just getting ready for Dancing with the Stars!

    Photo Source: Snooki/ Instagram

  • Glam! 5 of 5
    2013 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

    A big part of Dancing with the Stars is the glitz and glamor, and Snooki will totally embrace that and will shine on that dance floor!


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