5 Reasons to Get Wreck-It Ralph on DVD


I love video games. I love a well done animated film. I love candy. I love action. I love adventure. And I love anything Disney does. Take all those things, mix them together and you get the delicious 101 minutes that is Wreck-It Ralph.

On Tuesday, this sweet Academy Award Award nominated film can be feasted upon in the privacy of your own home with the release of the Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD. And trust me, it’s delicious. Need more convincing? Here are 5 reasons to pick up Wreck-It Ralph for your own family:

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  • Bit By Bit: Creating the Worlds of Wreck-It Ralph 2 of 6
    Bit By Bit: Creating the Worlds of Wreck-It Ralph
    Get a super cool look at the making of Wreck-It Ralph with the filmmakers, animators and artist who created the magic. They really do make it look so easy, and getting a peek behind the curtain will only make you appreciate the film, and the artistry, even more.
  • Paperman 3 of 6
    If you saw Wreck-It Ralph in the theater, and you weren't late for the screening, then you got a chance to see the delightful Disney produced short Paperman. How great is Paperman? It won the Academy Award for best animated short, that's how great it is!
  • Deleted and Alternate Scenes 4 of 6
    Deleted and Alternate Scenes
    We always love watching all those extra scenes that didn't make the film. An example is the deleted land that didn't make it to the final film, the hilarious Extreme Easy Living 2. But one thing, this will just make you want more and hope that Wreck-It Ralph two is around the corner so some of these scenes could make a reappearance!
  • Disney Intermission 5 of 6
    Disney Intermission
    I love this. You pause the DVD and you get a treat. And we have a peek at the Disney Intermission right here and it's a good one! It's about how there are a slew of "Hidden Mickeys" in the movie! Now, that'll keep your family busy. Check out this exclusive sneak peek right here:
  • Last But SO not Least: The Movie Itself! 6 of 6
    Last But SO not Least: The Movie Itself!
    I asked my 7-year-old daughter about why people should pick up the new Wreck-it Ralph DVD and she put it better, and far more simply, then I could. Her words? "Because, it's awesome!" Yes, she's one smart little lady and I could not agree with her more.

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