5 Reasons to Go See Finding Nemo 3D!


Like many a mom, I have seen Finding Nemo countless times. It’s one of those standard issue DVD that almost all families seem to have in their collections.  But I witnessed Finding Nemo is a whole new way when I viewed the Pixar classic in glorious 3D.

Following in the footsteps of 3D versions of Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo was converted with gorgeous results. The film proves to be a timeless adventure, one that is worth going on again and again, especially when seeing the spectacle in spectacular 3D.

Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should go see Finding Nemo 3D in the theaters when it opens on Friday, September 14th nationwide.

  • Seeing it On the Big Screen 1 of 5
    Seeing it On the Big Screen
    The original Finding Nemo came out in May of 2003, three years before I became a parent. I did not rush out to see it in the theaters and in my pre-daughter days I would have probably gone to see The Italian Job , a movie that came out the same day. Now, after seeing the film on the big screen, I know what I've been missing all these years. The film is gorgeous. The ocean so vast, so wide, so colorful, it really deserves a big canvas in which to be shown.
  • 3D Action 2 of 5
    3D Action
    Not all films should be reworked into 3D, but as Albert Brooks (who lent his voice to Marlin) said this one "made sense." The depth of the ocean, the layers of sea life, they all come into focus with the 3D rendering. The film has a vastness that one can only truly appreciate when seeing it in 3D.
  • Like Seeing it For the First Time 3 of 5
    Like Seeing it For the First Time
    You will notice things that you never noticed before. I was convinced that they added new scenes. But I think that might be because many times while my daughter was watching the movie I would be cooking dinner, cleaning or working. Seeing it from start to finish, every minute of it in a theater, made me appreciate the film as I hadn't before.
  • Its A Great Movie Night for the Family 4 of 5
    Its A Great Movie Night for the Family
    It's hard to find a movie that the whole family can agree upon, but a Pixar movie, that's a "no-brainer" as they say. But a funny thing about seeing it in the theater, it was the first time my daughter saw the first 15 minutes, I usually fast forward it! But she came out unscathed and liked the movie more than ever.
  • Because it is a Limited Run Plus Partysaurus Rex! 5 of 5
    Because it is a Limited Run Plus Partysaurus Rex!
    Finding Nemo 3D is a limited engagement so you'll need to operate under the "you snooze, you loose" rule. You've been warned. Plus the new Toy Story short artysaurus Rex is hilarious, where the usually mild-mannered plastic becomes the life of the party.

Photo Source: Disney Pixar