5 Reasons Why Bravo Won't Fire Danielle Staub from RHONJ


Word on the street is that Bravo won’t invite Danielle Staub back for another season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. So far, Bravo has been mum on the topic, saying they don’t announce casting decisions for future seasons while a current season is still airing. Sure, a lot of viewers can’t stand her, but I’m not buying that Bravo will let Staub go. Here’s why they’d be crazy not to have her back for Season 3:

1. The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a ratings bonanza, and part of the credit goes to Staub. In fact, the hair-pulling episode  (Ashley would probably want me to remind everyone she pulled extensions, not hair!) broke a ratings record. Viewers complain that they hate Staub — but they keep coming back. And that’s what tv executives like to see. Ratings speak much louder than rantings.

2. We don’t watch reality tv to see a bunch of boring moms partaking in pleasant play dates. Hey, we see that every day! No, we tune in to see table-flipping, DUIs and apparently violence in the form of extension pulling. We want to see The Crazy. And, say what you will about the gal, but Staub brings The Crazy like nobody else can. (Okay, except maybe Kelly Bensimon…)

3. Did you watch the Venice trip episode sans Staub? Did you yawn? Right, well, Bravo executives don’t want you yawning. They want you yelling at your flat screens and hating on Staub via Facebook, Twitter and the Bravo message boards.

4. Staub’s kids are cute. People like cute kids. You don’t think Kate Gosselin would be famous without a gaggle of cute kids, do you?

5. You never know what she might do next. Just when you think she’s done it all (illicit tape, stripper past, female lovers) she surprises us. And Bravo wants to be there to catch it all on film.

What do you think? Will Bravo really let her go?