5 Reasons Why Kate Gosselin's Bikini Bod Makes Moms Mad


Kate Gosselin Bikini

Countless women struggle with their bodies, especially their bellies, after having babies. It’s just a fact of life. Your body houses a growing human being for nine plus months and things happen – stretch marks, excess weight, a bit of a paunch. But Kate Gosselin, showing off her new and improved physique on the cover of People, doesn’t have that issue…anymore. And that’s after having EIGHT kids. While many women think it’s all forms of awesome, some (present company included) just get mad. Why? Well here are 5 reasons Kate Gosselin’s bikini bod makes many of us moms mad.

1) She had eight, EIGHT kids. Her first set of twins probably did some damage to her belly, but with how enormous she got after carrying the sextuplets! Wowza. And now there is no trace of the trauma that occurred to her tummy.

2) She got plastic surgery…and it was free! Now not everyone would and could go under the knife, but Kate opted to, she had a whole lot of excess stretched out skin that she had removed, a result of the pregnancies. And since she’s on a TV show, well, a surgeon’s wife saw it, felt sorry for her, and had her hubby do a free tummy tuck!

3) Time to exercise. Kate is seen jogging and working out on a regular basis. Any mom – and in this case a single mom – knows that’s it hard to schedule in making dinner let alone getting in a fitness routine. But Kate, with eight children, finds the time to do just that.

4) The accolades. If you lost a bunch of weight, got totally in shape would you get the cover of a magazine? Yeah, probably not. Why is this woman, who is only famous for being famous, getting a magazine cover of showing off her body? She’s Kate Gosselin! People apparently love to read about her, so she’s news. And you’ve gotten all the way to number four right here…so that just proves our point.

5) Because it’s Kate Gosselin. People love her or hate her. There aren’t many who are familiar with her who don’t have a strong opinion. And most I’ve talked to, well they fall into the latter category. And they’re probably wondering, why is she still here, why is she still famous and why is she on yet another magazine cover.

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