5 Songs We Hope Adele Sings At The Olympics Closing Ceremony (Photos)


It looks like Adele is going to make it to the finish line!

Rumor has it (I know we’ve been overusing that a little too much here) that Adele is going to help bring the Olympics to a close at tonight’s closing ceremony and we can’t help but wonder what songs she is going to play! The celebrity mama-to-be is going to close off the summer games with a bang, no doubt.

Take a look at our gallery of Adele songs we hope she plays in London on Sunday night and tell us, did we miss any of your favorites? 

  • Rolling In The Deep 1 of 5
    Rolling In The Deep
    Ohh.... this is a must that will get everyone on their feet!
  • Chasing Pavements 2 of 5
    Chasing Pavements
    The first song that made me fall in love with Adele. :-)
  • Rumor Has It 3 of 5
    Rumor Has It
    Rumor has it... that you're almost eight months pregnant, Adele!
  • One And Only 4 of 5
    One And Only
    I would so love to see Adele start her set with this one!
  • Don’t You Remember 5 of 5
    Don't You Remember
    Yes, Adele, we will remember this moment!

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