5 Theories on What Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Caught On Film Was Really Doing


time traveler caught on film

Was a time traveler really caught on film during a scene of Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus? Many have been intrigued by what looks like a woman walking down the street appearing as if she is talking on a cell phone. Was it really a modern person caught in the past? Doubtful! But here are five theories of what they were really doing.

Adjusting their glasses  – You can’t really make it out but perhaps they are just adjusting their glasses or perhaps they are holding on to their monocle, since that was the style of the time. And they had in their hand the case for the specs.

They had a toothache Maybe they just had a really sore tooth and they were holding onto an ice pack or something to just holding onto their jaw to ease the pain.

Didn’t want to be recognized? Maybe the person walking through the scene was on the lamb and didn’t want their full imagine captured.

They were a wee bit crazy and liked to talk into their hand. Everyone needs a friend! Or maybe it was one of those old school hearing aids, a device she had to hold up to their ear in order to hear the direction.

They really are a time traveler and making a call to the future. But one thing for sure, they probably wouldn’t have very good reception!

What do you think? And what theory do you kids have, did they really do time traveling?

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