5 Things About Cheryl Hines


News broke this week that actress and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Cheryl Hines is getting a divorce from her husband of nearly eight years, Paul Young. Hines and Young have a 6-year-old daughter and are said to be splitting amicably.

Hines is one of those actresses where you may know her face, but can’t place what she’s been in (probably because she’s popped up on TV steadily for the past decade). To help you fill in the mystery, here are 5 things you might not know about Cheryl Hines:

1) She was Rob Reiner’s personal assistant when she moved to Hollywood. Though Reiner didn’t get her any professional work, he would come watch her stand-up shows when she performed.

2) She’s a movie director. After starring in Waitress with the late Adrienne Shelley, the two paired together to make a film, Serious Moonlight. Shelley wrote the script, while Hines directed. The movie stars Meg Ryan and debuted in 2009.

3) People think she’s married to Larry David. David, who is also going through a divorce, played Hines husband on Curb Your Enthusiasm, which started in 2000. Because her character is named Cheryl David, Hines said many people just thought she got married.

4) She’s a Fairly Oddparent. Hines signed on to voice fairy oddparent Wanda in Nickelodeon’s full length movie, coming out in 2011.

5) She’s been In The Motherhood. Hines starred on ABC’s short-lived series about everyday moms navigating their way through life.


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