5 Things About Gregory Isaacs: Death of a Reggae Legend

gregory isaacs reggae legend passed away
5 Things About Gregory Isaacs, Reggae Legend

Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs’ death has caused a huge amount of sadness among fans of Isaacs’ music, but how much do you know about Gregory Isaacs’ life?

News that celebrity dad Gregory Isaacs is dead hit the internet today, with word that the Reggae great passed away at age 59 following a long illness. He was diagnosed with lung cancer last year.

Here are 5 things about Gregory Isaacs:

1. Jamaican singer Gregory Isaacs is best known for his 1982 album, “Night Nurse.” The title track is his most well known song (video below).

2. Isaacs was musically prolific he released over 500 albums in his lifetime! His final album, “Brand New Me,” was released in 2008.

3. Isaacs appeared in the film “Rockers,” performing “Slavemaster.”

4. Isaacs was arrested at least 27 times and was an admitted cocaine addict.

5. Nicknamed Cool Ruler, Gregory Isaacs got his start in talent competitions in Jamaica.

Gregory Isaacs’ wife, Linda, released the following statement: “Gregory was well-loved by everyone, his fans and his family, and he worked really hard to make sure he delivered the music they loved and enjoyed. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.”