5 Things About Jennifer Grey (Besides Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner)


Blast from the past Jennifer Grey was announced as a contestant on the next installment of  Dancing with the Stars, which doesn’t exactly sound like a level playing field given she boogied onscreen with Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing all those years ago. But Grey reminded viewers last night that she is 50 now (she looks about 30!) and presumably will need to work hard to make magic on the dance floor again. So we all know she was in Dirty Dancing and that nobody puts baby in the corner plus she got a nose job that derailed her career and quirky looks. What else do we need to know about her?

1. She’s been married to Clark Gregg of The New Adventures of Old Christine since 2001 with whom she has one daughter, Stella, 8. Prior to settling down, she dated Matthew Broderick, Johnny Depp and George Stephanopoulos.

2. Of the rhinoplasty procedure she underwent in the early 90s, she said: , “I went in the operating room a celebrity and came out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible.”

3. She’s done guest stints on Friends, John from Cincinnati and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

4. in 1999 she starred as herself on the short-lived sitcom It’s LIke…You Know. At the time she said about the show: “I had a healthy respect for the risk I was taking, a certain anxiety, but it’s been fun. I guess it’s, ‘The truth shall set you free,’ and this is telling the truth something so few people seem to do these days! This is my reality although, of course it has been tinkered with …”

5. She went to the prestigious Dalton school in Manhattan, and is the daughter of stage and screen actor Joel Grey and the former actress/singer Jo Wilder. She has studied acting and dancing since she was a child. Did we mention it might not be a level playing field?