5 Things About Linda Kozlowski Other Than Being Crocodile Dundee's Wife


Who can forget the scene from Crocodile Dundee where “Sue”, played by actress Linda Kozlowski bent down in a pond to fill her canteen with water only to be nearly attacked by a huge crocodile?  Of course, “Mick Dundee” came to her rescue, since he was hidden behind a bush peering at her in her thong bathing suit the whole time.

Mick Dundee and Sue’s characters ultimately fell in love in the movie, and Linda Kozlowski, and actor Paul Hogan, who played Dundee, found love in real life as well.  The two got married, and now they live in Australia with their 12 year old son.

Paul is making headlines these days for being blocked from leaving Australia until he pays a tax debt, but will always be most well known for the role of “Mick Dundee.”  Linda Kozlowski is definitely most famous for being Paul’s wife, but there are some other things about her that you may not know.

1. Though she now calls Australia home, Linda was born in the United States in 1958, in Fairfield, CT.

2. Kozlowski graduated from the Juilliard School, where she trained to become an Opera Singer.

3. She made her singing debut in an off-Broadway production called How It All Began, and went on to star on Broadway in Death of a Salesman.

4. She was once nominated for a Golden Globe award.

5. After the Crocodile Dundee movies, Linda also starred in other movies, including Almost An Angel, Backstreet Justice, The Neighbor, and Village Of The Damned.

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