5 Things About Miss America! Teresa Scanlan - Miss Nebraska 2011


Teresa Scanlan

On Saturday night a new young woman was named Miss America. And this year the winner was Teresa Scanlan aka Miss Nebraska! Beating out a slew of stunning swimsuit donning sweet young ladies, the young Teresa Scanlan was the one and only winner. So who is our new Miss America? Here are five things about the new reigning beauty queen?

Teresa Scanlan is a young one. The winner of this year’s pageant is just 17-year-old! She was born February 6, 1993 and is the youngest winner ever!

She is from Gering, Nebraska and went to Gering High School in her junior year, she had previously been home schooled. After that she took double classes to graduate early from Scottsbluff High School.

She had deferred enrollment to Patrick Henry College until the fall of 2011 so she could attend to her duties as Miss Nebraska but in winning Miss America, she’ll probably have to defer yet again.

She is an old pro at pagaents, she had been competing in them since she was just 13.

Teresa Scanlan does a lot of work for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. A friend of hers had suffered from an eating disorder and after researching it she found out how rampant it wanted to do what she could to help girls.

Congratulations to the new Miss America!