5 Things Angelina Jolie Might Put in Her Kids Lunches


Angelina Jolie, is yet another attempt to try to prove to the world that she is indeed mortal and ‘normal’ made the claim that not only does she pack her kids’ lunches, but she enjoys it. She dished about making lunches herself saying:

“The problem with my packed lunches is everybody is very, very outspoken about what they want, so it becomes I often say, ‘I’m not a waitress!'” No, no, she is not. She’s a mega star, humanitarian and icon…don’t those kids of her know!

She stated that they go through so much food.” And added, “and they’re still little. So, I can imagine it’s going to get worse.”

So what would Angelina pack for their lunches?

•  Chips or Cheetos. They don’t deny their kids processed food products. The kids have been spotted on multiple occasions indulging in junk food.

• Angelina mentions that they go through a lot of bread in the interview, that must mean a whole lot of sandwiches. My guess is that salami ones would be popular with the crew since they spent a good chunk of time recently in Italy.

• Ham and/or Brie on baguette. They also spend a lot of time in France so French chesses and French style breads are probably quite popular picks.

•  Anything from this list! Here are ten easy lunch ideas for kids courtesy of our sister blog Family Kitchen. And with six mouths to feed, easy would be key!

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