5 Things To Know About Elizabeth Olsen

elizabeth olsen
5 Things To Know About Elizabeth Olsen.

As far as the public is concerned, most have only heard of Elizabeth Olsen as the younger sister to twins Mary Kate and Ashley. But there is more that is yet to be known about the up and coming actress.

Here, you will find out five things you must know about the younger Olsen sister as she is poised to become Hollywood’s next big thing.

1. She was born Elizabeth Chase Olsen, but goes by the nickname Lizzie.

2. Lizzie’s career began at the age of 4 when she made cameo appearances in Mary Kate and Ashley productions.

3. Appeared in the music video “The Queen” by Carlotta.

4. She has three films coming out in 2011 and 2012.

5. She is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts.